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            1. Series of Natural Coconut Juice
              Series of Natural Drinking Water
              Series of Natural Juice
              Series of Teas

              Coconut Palm Brand Natural Coconut Juice

              Coconut Palm Brand Natural Coconut Juice, which takes coconut fruits growing in Hainan as raw material, is finely processed with advanced processing technology and scientific prescription. It is a pure, natural vegetable protein drink without essence, saccharin, or preservative. The juice is uniform, milk white, refreshing and mellow, with strong natural
              coconut fragrance, pleasant taste, and mild sweetness. It contains fat, protein, 17 kinds of amino acids, and elements of Zen, Fe, Ca, and MN, etc. The juice was verified to be “an original creation in the world, a unique talent of China” through the searching by China Science and Technology Information on June 3, 1988. It was designated as Beverage for
              the State Banquet of China in 1991. The product is sold well throughout China and over
              33 countries and regions worldwide.